Filmed in Buena Vista Park, San Francisco in 1976 this 15 minute b/w film throbs with the sexual energy that made the park famous. The musician, Peter Plonsky, plays the Laotian Chromatic Khaen. He was recorded responding to the film in the recording studio. He had never seen the imagery and the results are spontaneous and unrehearsed. Fair warning. This film is challenging.SLICED LIGHT


BREAKDOWN was my first 16mm film made in 1973 while I was a student at Concordia University. It was filmed in my family’s country home in Ste. Agathe des Monts, Quebec (please see my recently posted film ADIEU BEAUSEJOUR).BREAKDOWN


I made this short film as a farewell to my family’s country home in Ste. Agathe des Monts, Quebec near Montreal in 1975. BEAUSEJOUR (as the house was named – “Beautiful Stay”) was in my life from about 1960. It was where we spent most of our weekends and all of our summers. It fronted Lac des Sables where we water skied and swam. It had a clay tennis court, a garden of raspberries, peas and the world’s sweetest corn. I was moved to upload the film after being reminded of it while reading a lovely piece in the N.Y. Times on photographer/filmmaker Robert Frank. He awarded me my first film festival prize for this film at the Sacramento Film Festival in 1976.ADIEU BEAUSEJOUR